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Building a community of destiny to achieve sustainable and stable development

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On July 10, 2020, ruishida company held: the work summary for the first half of 2020 and the work arrangement meeting for the second half.

Building a community of destiny to achieve sustainable and stable development

General Manager Chen Deliang made a work report on "building a community of destiny to achieve sustainable and stable development.

Building a community of destiny to achieve sustainable and stable development

III. Work objectives and work to be strengthened in the second half of the year:

the company has decided that the work target for this year will remain unchanged. In the second half of the year, we will continue to carry out various tasks according to the company's work arrangements at the beginning of the year to minimize the external impacts such as the epidemic. (1) cultivate seeds of "precision separation technology" and build an ecological circle of material separation.

For the separation of materials in the four directions of oil and gas exploration (solid phase control of drilling fluid), oil and gas exploitation (water injection treatment), mine washing, oil and gas exploration and mining and waste disposal of tailings, focus on cultivating physical (vibration, centrifugation, pressure filtration) and chemical (flocculation) "precision separation technology" seeds. In the next few years, the company will always adhere to the establishment of the material separation ecosystem, become the goal of the long-lived international material separation group, take precision separation technology as the seed, and combine the development trend of people into artificial intelligence, the internet of things technology has been continuously cultivated and grown up. Realize intelligent and accurate separation for different materials, effectively utilize resources, reduce wastes, improve living environment and create a better life. First of all, we need to change the concept of research and development. We need to understand that ruishida is a small and medium-sized enterprise and a new apprentice in the field of material separation. What we need more now is not invention but Innovation. We need to be a technical contractor, understand the existing technology, and do a good job in technology transformation and application. Secondly, R & D personnel take the initiative to go to the scene, not only to listen to what the customers say, but also to observe what the customers do to make the link real, Master the real pain points and needs of customers. Thirdly, take the establishment of ecological circle as the goal, increase the introduction and cooperation of separation technology, including relying on the platform for decentralized management projects, and learn to fish through the net instead of just raising fish. Fourth, carry forward the "craftsman spirit", increase the construction of the laboratory, use data analysis without relying on intuition, and make the products and services to the extreme. Fifth, please come in and go out. Strengthen personnel training through internal training and outbound learning.

(2) stabilize the market, control risks, and ensure a smooth tide of difficulties.

The market should always focus on customers and aim at increasing customers' trust. From the aspect of products and services, through better meeting customers' needs, solving customers' pain points, and ensuring product quality, we should abide by our commitments, quick response to customers' needs, considerate service to relieve worries, high cost performance and other aspects are more effective in creating value for customers and winning customers' trust. Sales staff should strengthen communication with customers, really care about customers, praise customers sincerely, and look at problems from the perspective of customers. Strengthen publicity at the company level and establish good public relations. In actively exploring the market, it is also necessary to pay special attention to controlling risks and carefully implement large investment projects that may lead to the death of the company to ensure that the difficulties are smoothly overcome.

(3) efficient and standardized management to reduce operating costs.

In order to create value for customers to the greatest extent, the company must also strengthen cost control. Any process, link, organization, culture, etc. that do not conform to the maximization of benefits (delayed enjoyment, teamwork) must be changed. In particular, the Transition Design is reduced, the transition quality in production is less "high-end" and more practical. Promote lean management, timely supply, timely manufacture and timely delivery. We should think ahead of time, reduce rework and repair, and eliminate all waste phenomena. We should build a community of destiny with suppliers to improve the efficiency of the whole industry chain. We should continuously improve the construction of a dual prevention system for potential risks and prevent major safety accidents. Perfect the incentive mechanism of value creation orientation, cultivate professional manager team, and constantly explore a new way to separate ownership from management right. Effectively increase the proportion of labor and intelligence in the distribution of the company, so that employees who create value for the company can get more benefits.

(4) establish a "wolf" team with strong executive power.

First of all, we will increase the company's vision and the positive energy propaganda of unity and endeavor, improve the staff structure, especially the middle and senior staff, and establish correct values. Secondly, organize more collective activities, strengthen communication and enhance mutual understanding. Third, act according to the company's process and system, treat each employee fairly and fairly. Fourthly, fight against the gang members and the members of the frontier team firmly to block the promotion channel. Fifth, cultivate the habit of keeping a close eye on the target, strengthen the assessment of the target and improve the execution.

(5) be a practitioner of happy enterprises.

Unless the survival of the company is greatly threatened, the company will continue to start from three aspects: Salary and welfare, working environment and employee growth to continuously improve the happiness index of employees. In principle, the company will not lay off employees, but it will not relent to seriously violate the company's regulations and meet the conditions of dismissal. The company will try its best to keep the income of its employees not falling significantly. Pay employees "five insurances and one fund" in full on schedule ". Continue accommodation allowance. Help employees who are really in trouble. Organize recreational and sports activities irregularly to make employees work happily. Increase outsourcing professional training, encourage reeducation of academic qualifications, ensure that there is no penalty for wages during study time, and continue to provide tuition subsidies according to grades. Treat and respect every employee fairly and be a practitioner of a happy enterprise.

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